Handmade Dog Bandana's and Dog Collars

About Briggs N Wiggles

Tricia and BriggsDogs make me happy! At first sight, seeing their tail begin with a small wag and explode into a full blown, hysterical wiggle makes my heart happy. It’s like going “from rags to riches” instantly. I have been an adoptive dog owner for years, losing, MaxxMan, my companion of 17 years in September of 2017 and then fostered my new lil guy (from the shelter), Briggs, December of 2017...A FOSTER FAIL...BEST THING EVER!!!!

Briggs has brought so much joy to me. I truly believe that MaxxMan sent him to me because losing him was the hardest thing that I have had to go through. My lil guy just makes me chuckle with his cute personality, his wiggle butt going to town at all times and of course his signature mohawk.

I love being festive and dressing sassy...it just makes me feel good! I thought, why not add something a little fun to Briggs' mohawk, so I taught myself how to sew and started making him some festive and fun dog scarfs. He got so many compliments and it always seemed to put a smile on someone's face, which makes my heart full of joy!

The light bulb went off...I have always wanted to make a difference to others in positive way..I can share these scarfs to spread the love and joy and that is how I to started my company, Briggs 'n' Wiggles.

I am having a blast and so grateful that you all are on this journey with me!