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3 Ways to Prep Your Pup for Summer

by Tricia Hrapmann on May 31, 2022
3 Ways to Prep Your Pup for Summer 

It’s warming up out there, and that means summer is right around the corner! When you’re getting ready for summer, you probably do certain things like switching to lighter clothes and cutting your hair for a new look with the new season, right? Don’t skip out on preparing your pet for the warmer months, too! Here are a few easy things you can do now to prep your pup for summer.  

  1. Set up hydration stations. One of the most important things to keep in mind as summer approaches is that it’s easy for your pet to become overheated and dehydrated if they aren’t getting enough water. Signs of dehydration include dark urine, lethargy, and a dry nose.

As a general rule, you should make sure your dog is getting at least one ounce of water daily for each pound they weigh, according to Fetch by WebMD. We suggest proactively setting up a few water stations around your home and yard for your pup— make sure you refill them with clean water regularly.

  1. Refresh your dog’s wardrobe. Every pup deserves a little wardrobe reboot for a new season! If you haven’t already, swap out those darks and neutrals that your dog wore in the fall and winter for a few funky patterns and brights they can rock all summer long. Need a little inspiration? You’re in luck— we happen to have a selection of summer accessories that we know you and your sweet pooch will love. Here are a few of our current Briggs ‘n’ Wiggles favorites that we think perfectly capture the essence of summer:
  1. Protect your dog’s paws. We might not think about it much because we’re typically wearing shoes outside, but concrete and asphalt get extremely hot during the summer months! Unfortunately, that could lead to your pup’s paws getting burned. The American Kennel Club explains that the best way to check and see if the sidewalk is too hot for your pet’s paws is to rest your own hand on the sidewalk for ten seconds. If it’s too hot for you to comfortably keep your hand on, then it’s too hot for your dog to walk on. 

One way to prep your dog’s paws is by taking them on regular walks now to toughen up their paw pads, which will make walking on warm concrete a little easier when that time rolls around. You could also purchase a moisturizing balm to protect your pet’s pads, and you could even invest in a pair of dog shoes or boots.

We hope you’re ready to conquer summer with your furry best friend right by your side! Don’t forget to start the season off right by checking out our collections of bandanas, collars, and accessories.


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