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Alabama Roll Tide Dog Bandana

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Are you an Alabama football fan? Cheer on your home team with your pup with this Alabama Roll Tide Football Dog Bandana. It has a black and white pinstripe on the reverse side. This pet scarf goes on your pet's collar so it will not slip off. Basically, you are getting two bandanas. 

Slip-on bandanas have a different pattern on each side, you are getting 2 for the price of 1. This bandana can be worn by slipping your own collar through the opening between the two sides of the bandana.  Slip-on requires a collar and cannot be tied around your pet's neck (it does not need to fit all the way around your dog's neck).  #bringyourowncollar 

Please refer to the size guide below to determine the right size for your pet. 

Models are a golden retriever who is wearing a large 65 lbs and a cocker golden wearing a small 30 lbs.

Handmade in the United States (Houston, TX)