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HOLD ME TIGHT Lymphoma Dog Bandana

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Sometimes buying a gift can be a little challenging. Still, when you know that you are buying for a cause, supporting a local foundation and a small business, or just know that a portion of your purchase will be donated to a local charity, it becomes more than just a gift.

I was inspired to create this collection because of the sweetest family, The Marble's. They temporarily moved to Houston from California for Jesse (mom), who is fighting Lymphoma; to become a part of a study at MD Anderson. They have three children, and one is the two year old who I helped care for most and she always said, "Hold Me Tight," as her parents were in and out with Dr. appointments.

This sweet family has had so many ups and downs, but the word PERSEVERE has a whole new meaning to me after watching and being a part of Jesse’s life. Jesse is one of the most sincere and heart-warming people that I have been around. I will be making a monthly donation to The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Houston for a percentage of sales for the “Hold Me Tight Bandana” sold.

The "Hold Me Tight" Bandana is for Lymphoma Cancer Awareness and was made in honor of one amazing and loving woman, Jesse Chamberlin Marble, who is fighting Lymphoma. This bandana displays pure positivity with fighting words (in lymphoma lime green) such as Faith, Hope, Believe, Fight, Courage, Miracle, Strong, Cure, etc. and the reverse side has sunflowers which are a great symbol of bright-hearted optimism (also one of Jesse's favorite flowers).

Our bandanas come in 5 sizes, please refer to the size chart on the right side of each product page; my size chart is based on the weight of your pet. You don't want the bandana to go around their collar (it will scrunch up). 

NEW OPTION: Add-On Scrunchie to your pet's bandana. Whether your dog wears a Martingale collar, harness, or no collar at all, your dog can still be fashionable with one of our reversible dog bandanas! We offer our add-on scrunchie in 3 sizes, and it can be ordered online only for shipping or local pick up at Mala Market! The reverse side fabric may vary but will still complement the front.

Handmade in the United States (Houston, TX)