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Valentine's Day Hearts and Stripes Dog Bandana

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Your pup gives all of the unconditional love, you should get him/her this adorable Valentine's Day Hearts and Stripes Bandana.  This bandana features red hearts with black and white stripes on the front and the reverse side has black and white paws or bones.

This Valentine's Day Hearts and Stripes fabric  is made out of 100% natural cotton fabric with subtle sheen, smooth hand and thread count of 300. 

Slip-On Bandana 

Slip on bandanas has a different fabric on either side! Yes, reversible, so you are basically getting two bandanas for the price of one. This bandana can be worn by slipping your dog's collar through the opening between the back and front of the bandana. This bandana will not fall off as it is secure on the dog's collar. This bandana cannot be tied around your dogs neck, a collar is needed.