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Love is in the least puppy love!!! - Briggs 'n' Wiggles

Love is in the least puppy love!!!

Valentine's Day for you and your pup; discussing fashion and safety!

Love is in the air… at least puppy love!!!

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! It’s time to dress your pup for the month of love with a new Valentine's Day Bandana.  We all want to feel extra special at this time of year, surely, they do too.  Grab one today that matches you, or fits your pet’s personality.

Are you someone that likes to share EVERYTHING with your best friend?  It’s the month of giving and receiving chocolates, even chocolate covered strawberries. YUM!! Chocolate is delicious, even to our pets, but the difference is it can make them very sick.  No pet should be given chocolate of any kind.  If they do get into your treat, they need to be seen by a Veterinarian ASAP.  Want to share those chocolate covered strawberries with your baby, they still can’t have the chocolate but they can have plain strawberries with you. If you are wanting to share or at least give them some special treats while you eat your chocolate, try Briggs' Beignets, they are delicious and best of all safe for your pet to eat!

Since it’s still winter, make sure to keep your pet exercised and stimulated while the weather can still be yucky.  You can wear your pet out by giving them mental stimulation.  Teach them a new trick or work on obedience or play hide and seek with their favorite toy.  By making them use their brain, they are sure to enjoy the extra attention and make them tired at the same time.

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