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Enjoying Football Season With Your Dog - Briggs 'n' Wiggles

Enjoying Football Season With Your Dog

Enjoying Football Season With Your Dog

Fall is one of our favorite times of year in Houston. Cooler weather, plus the start of football season! Whether you follow college football or professional football, your dog can be part of your football enjoyment. And they can dress to support your favorite team!

Three Ways to Watch Football with Your Dog.

We’ve come up with 3 ways to enjoy watching football with your dog, and the dos and don’ts of each.

  1. Watching Football at Home With Your dog

The best bet for your dog? Stay home to watch the football game. You can have your best friend cuddle on the couch with you and enjoy every minute.

  1. Football Watching Parties

If you’re more the sociable type, maybe you are having a football-watching party at home with the gang. If your dog gets nervous around people, leave them secured in another room. But if they enjoy a crowd, let them join the fun. Avoid leaving food at dog level. Make sure your friends know what your dog is allowed to have (veggies, deboned chicken, pizza crust) and what he’s not allowed to have (sour cream dip that ends up on your carpet in 2 hours.)

  1. Tailgating with Your Dog

For some, the ultimate football season event is the before game (or after-game) tailgating. If you bring your dog with you, please don’t leave him or her in your car during the game. That can be dangerous!

Also, keep your dog on-leash and monitor them at all times, or have a strong recall. Make sure they are wearing dog tags and watch out for people’s discarded chicken wing bones.

Football Season Dog Bandanas

Of course, no well-dressed dog would watch a football game without repping their team. Game day calls for football season dog bandanas!

An over the collar dog bandana for football season can make sure everyone knows what team you’re rooting for. This type of dog bandana stays in place on your dog’s collar with no risk of it falling off.

Our sports collection includes dog bandanas for professional teams including (New Orleans SaintsTexans , Kansas City Chiefs  , Green Bay Packers , Pittsburgh Steelers , Dallas Cowboys ...just to name a few. You can also get an over the collar dog bandana for college football including University of Alabama, Baylor Bears ,  Florida Sate or Texas State , University of HoustonSouthern Miss, Clemson Tigers , Texas Aggies , LSU Tigers, UT Longhorns ...just to name a few. Click on the Sports Collection to see all team color combinations. 

Here are some examples of football team dog bandanas

Red White and Blue Football for Houston Texans, Ole Miss Rebels, Louisiana TechBaylor Bears Dog Bandana

LSU Tigers Dog Bandana


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